Risk Appetite

Our Risk Appetite

  • Low Risk

    • Standard working farms

    • Typical farm diversification, up to 50% of overall turnover

    • Claim free risks

    • Farms with a property owners portfolio

  • Medium Risk

    • Agriculturally related businesses
    • Own livestock haulage
    • More likely to be accepted with good trading history/claims experience.
    • Composite panels – (Rockwool and Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) panels acceptable)

  • High Risk

    • Abbatoirs
    • Non-working farms
    • Poor claims history (and no improvements)
    • Bovine TB cover required
    • Intensive rearing (eg.pig/poultry)
    • Contract rearing
    • Hauliers
    • Horse breeders/breakers

This is for guidance only and the lists are not exhaustive. Each case should be considered on its own merits and the positive insurance features would need to be highlighted.