Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Scheme Manager
My three sons and now 4 grandchildren have been, and still are, the main focus of my life. With what time I have leftover, I love going to the theatre and enjoy meals out with family and friends. Favourite film character – Jason Bourne Favourite food – Steak and Chips Favourite singer – Ed Sheeran
My life revolves around my family. I am a mother to two children and a grandmother. They are my world. In my spare time you will find me taking my granddaughter to TaeKwonDo as she is about to become a blackbelt or playing with my grandson. I enjoy cooking, sewing, travel and going to the Theatre with family and friends. My favourite food is food. My favourite singer is Phil Collins
I have two young boys who love sport. My life has moved on from me having hobbies of rugby, golf and fitness to chief taxi driver and rugby coach! My enjoyment in life today is watching my family experience life! Favourite film character – Maximus from Gladiator Favourite food – Chicken wings Favourite singer – Freddie Mercury
Most of my time revolves around my family, I have 3 children - my eldest son has just graduated from University and my daughter has recently joined the RAF. My time is spent watching my youngest play for his local football team and following his favourite team Newcastle United! When I do get time to myself I enjoy walking and Church Stretton is perfect for this. Favourite film character – Bridget Jones Favourite food – Cheese Favourite singer – Michael Buble
Farm Scheme Administrator
I am very pleased to join the team and work for a highly regarded company. At home together with my Husband and Son we run Winterburn Shoot and when I’m not at work I am out and but on the shoot. I love live entertainment and eating out. My favourite film character : Jack Reacher Favourite singer : Blondie Favourite food. Fish Pie.